Original British WWII Bren LMG 100 Round MK1 Drum Magazine with Loading Accessories and Adapter

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Original Item: Only One Available. A special offering for the advanced British WW2 Collector; IMA has found a lost case of these exceptionally scarce 100 drum magazines issued in WW2 for use with the Bren Light Machine Gun. They were originally intended for anti-aircraft use, where the 100 round capacity would prevent the need to reload while staying trained on the aircraft. These "Speed Drums" as they were named came in two varieties, the MkI and MkII, with the main difference being the loading/winding handle. The early model had a separate spring winder, while the MkII had the winder built into the drum, which ensured that the winder was always close at hand.

This fine MkI example is offered complete with the winder, required adapter plate for use with the Bren LMG, and with the Wooden Loading block needed to mount the drum whilst reloading. These are extremely rare, and it has been years since we have been able to offer one of these sets. The drum is in very good condition, with the expected staining on the canvas carry handle from years of storage in grease, which is still present on parts of the magazine.

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