Original British WWII Bren Gun Experimental Anti Aircraft Spider Sight Assembly

Item Description

Original Item: Previously unknown, these came out of the Middle East more than 20 years ago attached to Bren Gun barrels. These are WW2 style Spider Sight rings on an offset post with indent bar. The bar locates into a more modern barrel clamp mount secured by nuts and bolts on either side. It is designed to protrude from the left side of the barrel and the off set in the post puts the Spider ring even more to the left in fact directly in line with the Bren Mark 1/1* series drum back sight which is off set because of the magazine.

In researching this sight assembly we have found no references in any Bren Book and can only assume that these were a Middle Eastern adaption.

If I we remember correctly these actually came out of Turkey in the early 1990s when IMA purchased over 5,000 machine guns including MG 08s, Lewis Guns, Vickers K Guns and Bren Guns. That shipment went to England and subsequently some was imported into the U.S. as parts sets.

So for the present, until one of our knowledgeable customers sets us straight we can only tell you that these really look sharp and perhaps could be used with different weapons.

NOTE: Fitting may be required. Bracket is designed to fit on MkI barrels only. Mk2 barrels will require a shim.

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