Original British WWII Bren .303cal MkI MkII Parts Set with Demilled Receiver

Item Description

Original Item: Very few available. Still retaining the original choice live barrel, IMA is pleased to offer a small selection of now really hard to find British WW2 Bren Gun Parts Sets complete with torch cut Receivers imported over 10 years ago.

Consisting of:

- Demilled Mk 1 Receiver with Mark 1 drum back sight assembly. Enfield or Inglis manufacture.
- Mark 2 Barrel assembly with regulator.
- Mark 2 Bipod, non-adjustable. Styles Vary.
- Late Mark 1 or Early Mk 2 Butt / Lower Assembly with bent steel butt plate. May be missing front or rear tripod mounting pins.
- All relevant internal parts as photographed.
- Each Set comes with a standard Bren Box Magazine where permitted.

Now that LIVE barrels are no longer importable and with the recent introduction of an BATF approved semi-automatic Bren system, this may very well be your last opportunity to get a hold of one of these excellent WW2 parts sets. Receiver and parts manufacturers vary, as these were in service for years, and received spare parts from many sources. All receivers marked Enfield or Inglis. Very few available.

NOTE: All parts sets are picked to order, so there can be a lead time of up to a week before shipment during peak demand times.

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