Original British WWII Bren .303cal Inglis MkIM Parts Set with Demilled Receiver

Item Description

Original Item: Still retaining the original choice live barrel, IMA is pleased to offer a small selection of now really hard to find British WW2 Bren Gun Parts Sets complete with torch cut Receivers imported over 10 years ago.

These parts sets are very interesting, given that they were manufactured by the private manufacturer John Inglis, Ltd, as opposed to one of the royal arms factories in England. As WWII loomed closer it became apparent that the British needed to have more arms manufacturing capability, and in particular in areas outside the UK. Canada however did not have any government arsenals capable of large scale production, which led to the Inglis company being contracted. This led to some controversy, as allegations were made regarding the selection process, and there were also issues with the patent holders for the Bren Gun. Originally, the agreement with Czechoslovenska Zbrojovka in BRNO had required that only government-owned arsenals could produce the Bren. However, these issues were quickly remedied, and production of the MkI Bren began at the Inglis factory in Toronto in 1940.

Shortly after this, the battle of Dunkirk occurred, resulting in the loss of large numbers of Bren LMGs, so efforts were made to ramp up production speed, which led to the development of simplified MkI bren designs on both sides of the Atlantic. The Canadian MkIM was the result of this, and while being simplified, is much closer to the original MkI than the examples produced at RSAF Enfield, the MkI*. The Canadian MkIM removed the second sight dovetail and lightening cuts on the front of the magazine well, but retained the beveling on the top of the rear receiver. The gas tube on the front of the receiver retained the more complex MkI shape, while Enfield-made MkI*'s went to a simplified D-shape. Also towards the end of production the adjustable legs of the bipod were removed, as they were found to be unnecessary. For More information please see "The Bren Gun Saga", pages 229-241

This parts set consists of

- Demilled Inglis MkIM Receiver with Mark 1 drum back sight assembly.
- Live Mark 1 Barrel assembly with regulator.
- Mark 1/2 transitional Bipod, non-adjustable.
- Mark 1 lower frame with original Mk1 Buttstock and butt plate. Shoulder rest bracket has been removed. May be missing tripod mounting pins.
- All relevant internal parts as photographed, complete with early-style operating rod.
- Each Set comes with a standard Bren Box Magazine where permitted.

Now that LIVE barrels are no longer importable and with the recent introduction of an BATF approved semi-automatic Bren system, this may very well be your last opportunity to get a hold of one of these excellent WW2 parts sets. We will try to get as many Inglis Marked parts as possible, however all the spares we received were UK and AU manufacture, so these kits are mixed. However the receiver will definitely be Inglis. Very few available.

NOTE: All parts sets are picked to order, so there can be a lead time of several business days before shipment.

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