Original British WWII Army GS/TP Pocket Watch by Helvetia - Fully Functional

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a Swiss made pocket watch for the British Royal Army in WWII.

Most experts believe that GS/TP stands for 'General Service/Trade Pattern' though we have found references suggesting it could stand for 'General Service/Temporary Pattern’. The Trade Pattern refers to the grade of the movement being a basic commercial design of the day rather than a design made for specific military standards and requirements.

In addition to the GS/TP marking, it has a broad arrow marking.

GS/TP watches were made in very large quantities during World War Two (1939 - 1945). They were made for and used by the British Army as a basic pocket watch for officers. The RAF and the Royal Navy watches have different markings for their services.

GS/TP watches were supplied to the British by a many makers. This GS/TP pocket watch was supplied by Helvetica to the UK Ministry of Defense. The number below the GS/TP marking is the manufacturer's code letter followed by the serial number for that maker's production. All of the Helvetia we have seen have a P in the first position of the serial number. The serial number roof this watch is 64613.

There is no warranty for this watch and returns for a non-working watch will not be honored. Please note all watches are wound and tested then recorded on video before shipment. We are not in the watch repair business- ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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