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Original British WWII Anti-Gas Eye Shields in Original Packaging

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Original Item: These are fascinating! Totally original un-issued WWII manufactured set of 3 tinted and 3 clear anti-gas MK III (Model# AB 0293) eye shields in original waxed cardboard envelope with instructions and warnings printed on each side- all bearing pre-1945 dates!

These were made famous by Rommel, who used them to protect his peaked visor cap badge from the desert and of North Afirca. Again these are the exact same goggles as worn by German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. These "Rommel Goggles" are 100% original and WWII dated. Contrary to popular belief, these goggles were not and never were of German origin. They were of British manufacture (by HALEX?) and were originally made as anti gas eyeshields. They were also used as sun and sand goggles. These unique, protective wrap around goggles became quite popular with Rommels troops. As liberated spoils of war many Afrika Korps personnel used these in place of the standard, less comfortable molded rubber types, issued by the Germans. Many WWII photographs show these exact goggles being worn by various German soldiers.

The only problem is that the petroleum based lens film has dried over the past 65 years in storage, rendering the glasses extremely brittle, in many cases already cracked or broken, sometimes covered in oil and therefore only suitable for careful display not to be removed from the waxed paper insert they have been stored in for so many years. If you do intend to remove them and attempt to put them on a helmet or visor we have been told that heating with a hair dryer has worked in some cases but do this at your own risk.

However, no returns or exchanges on this item, as we expect them to break and get damaged very easily, which is why they are priced so affordably.

One package (contains 6 eye shields) per order.


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