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Original British WWII Air Raid Precautions A.R.P. Hand Drawn Gas Warfare Response Wall Chart

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Original Item: One of a Kind. How this survived for 80 odd years after the War we do not know. Most likely this was kept by a WW1 Veteran, who in WW2 being mature of age and unwanted for the front line so to speak, volunteered his services in the HOME DEFENSE, after all was was probably an OLD MAN of 45!

The A.R.P., which stands for AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS (not patrol), were a dedicated group of veterans who risked life and limb to assist with Medical issues, building security and were expected to handle Gas and unexploded bomb (UXB) issues as well. As a contribution to his Unit this unidentified guy, clearly an amateur Artist painstakingly constructed this WALL POSTER measuring 15" tall by 21 1/2" using black and red ink as well as pencil to deliver his presentation. The Subject was "GAS", dreaded from the First World War was greatly feared in the second.

This chart complete with CARTOON like illustrations drives home his object lesson with some much needed amusement. Listing different types of Gas and the ways to treat and handle those difficult situations, he appears to have it all covered. This no doubt was HIS CONTRIBUTION TO THE MUCH NEEDED WAR EFFORT!

Yellowed with age there is some small old damage to the left margin which has been repaired using ancient scotch tape. Otherwise only a few nips and drawing pin holes making this not only a very rare A.R.P. item but a very attractive Wartime item. Ready to display.

More about the A.R.P.:

Air Raid Precautions (ARP) was an organization in the United Kingdom set up in 1937 dedicated to the protection of civilians from the danger of air raids. It included the Raid Wardens' Service that was to report on bombing incidents. Every local council was responsible for organizing ARP wardens, messengers, ambulance drivers, rescue parties and liaison with police and fire brigades.

September 1st, 1939, ARP Wardens enforced the "blackout". Heavy curtains and shutters were required on all private residences, commercial premises, and factories to prevent light escaping and so making them a possible target for enemy bombers to locate their targets. With increased enemy bombing during the Blitz, the ARP services were central in reporting and dealing with bombing incidents. They managed the air raid sirens and ensured people were directed to shelters.

From 1941 the ARP officially changed its title to Civil Defense Service to reflect the wider range of roles it then encompassed. During the war almost 7,000 Civil Defense workers were killed. In all some 1.4 million men and women served as ARP wardens during World War Two. The Civil Defense Service was stood down after the end of the war in Europe on 2 May 1945.

The ARP Services were to include several specialist branches. First Aid Parties were trained to give first response first aid to those injured in bombing incidents.

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