Original British WWII A.R.P THE DEFIANT Model Fire Axe by Perks - 1940 Dated

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a really neat piece of British History. Clearly it has been carefully cleaned and put on display in a British Fire Station since WW2.

Air Raid Precautions (ARP) was an organization in the United Kingdom set up in 1937 dedicated to the protection of civilians from the danger of Aerial Attacks. It included the Raid Wardens' Service that was to report on bombing incidents. Every local council was responsible for organising ARP wardens, messengers, ambulance drivers, rescue parties and liaison with police and fire brigades.

From 1 September 1939, ARP Wardens enforced the "blackout". Heavy curtains and shutters were required on all private residences, commercial premises, and factories to prevent light escaping and so making them a possible target for enemy bombers to locate their targets. With increased enemy bombing during the Blitz, the ARP services were central in reporting and dealing with bombing incidents. They managed the air raid sirens and ensured people were directed to shelters. They also helped rescue people from fires after the air raid was over.

This sturdy axe measures 15" tall with the head measuring 7 1/2" across. The spike side of the blade it is marked with the manufacturer information:


On the blade side of the axe head it is marked:


Small and heavy axes such as these were the standard issue to all Fire fighters and Rescue Personnel.  The head is polished, but still shows some rust/use staining, and the haft has been rubbed down and polished for countless years of display, making it quite attractive. This axe serves as a reminder or the terrible past of the WW2 Air Raids, and those who helped rescue those affected.


Ready to Display.

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