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Original British WWI Trench Lantern "The Crescent Lamp" Police Handheld Issue

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Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Made by the DOLON & CO, VAUXHALL, LONDON and so marked on the original rear maker's brass plaque, also on a front brass tag: THE CRESCENT LAMP, TRADE MARK, PATENT.

First produced for Police use in the late Victorian era of the 1890s these were traditionally fitted with a very large magnifying lens 2.5" across known as a bull frog eye to give a wide field of light generated by the burning kerosene.

However, once WW1 arrived the use changed so British soldiers did away with the large lens and utilized a sliding door revealing the wick with a polished concave mirror behind it. This allowed an officer to be totally unseen until he opened the sliding door and directed the beam to wherever he needed it.

Fitted with belt loops to rear as well as folding wire handgrip wires this is exactly what was used in trenches to avoid the attention of enemy snipers.

Measures- 6.5" H x 4" W

Offered in very good condition painted in a non-reflective black finish and appears fully operational. Most unusual and extremely hard to find in this condition

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