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Original British WWI Royal Flying Corps Officer Side Cap with War Department VD Pamphlet

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Original Item: Only One Available. A very rare, original WWI British Royal Flying Corps Officers Side Cap in very good condition.  The cap was tailor made to a very high standard. It has the RFC bronze badge on left side. This is the correct khaki RFC overseas Side Cap bears the correct front double buttons that have King's Crown over R.F.C. 

Offered in just wonderful almost unissued condition this is totally original and very hard to find. The lining of the helmet is ink stamped with the size 7 1/8.

The Royal Flying Corps was Britain's Air Force's title during the First World War. It only became known as the "Royal Air Force" on April 1st, 1918, not long before the war ended on November 11th 1918.

Of interest when we received this Cap we found an enclosure behind the sweat band which turned out to be an American Military publication "KEEPING FIT TO FIGHT" issued by the U.S. War Department and centers on the avoidance of Venereal disease. Maybe the "romance" of being a World War One Ace necessitated the possession of such reading matter. (Remember George Peppard's movie " THE BLUE MAX ? "of 1966 starring Ursula Andres.)

A really excellent condition R.F.C. Side Cap, totally original together with enclosed "Vital to the War effort " informational pamphlet.

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