Original British WWI RFC 62nd Squadron Flight Commander Captain Stewart Kennedy MC Named Uniform Set

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind Set. Captain Douglas Stewart Kennedy, MC was a Flight Commander of the 62nd Squadron Royal Flying Corps during World War One.

After earning his flight wings, 2nd Lieutenant D.S. Kennedy was stationed to 62 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps where he quickly distinguished himself as one of the best pilots of the squadron. As the other members of the squadron, Kennedy flew the Bristol F.2b fighter with Lieutenant Hugh Goddard Gill as his observer. On July 18th 1917, Kennedy earned the award of Military Cross for gallantry in combat. His award citation reads as follows:

While on a close patrol he attached three hostile scouts and succeed in dispersing them. A second formation of four enemy machines then attacked, but were also dispersed, two of them being driven down. The result of the combat was largely due to his skill and determination.

He was also gazetted for his bravery later on July 26th, 1917.

By spring 1918 Kennedy had risen to the rank of Captain and Flight Commander. While on patrol in the area of Cambria, France, at about 11am on March 12th, 1918, Kennedy fired a red Very light which was the signal to his flight to prepare for action. While tracking three enemy planes bowl the flight, they were suddenly pounced on from above by approximately 20 Hun machines. The pilots and observers in the flight could tell by the red undercarriage of the Hun planes that they were of the famed Von Richthofen’s Flying Circus, also known as The Red Baron.

The red Albatross D.111’s attached the 62 squadron planes with ferocity. Two red Albatross planes, one flown by Lothar Von Richthofen younger brother to the famed Red Baron Manfred Von Richthofen, and the second flown by Lieutenant Werner Steinhauser attacked Kennedy’s Bristol. It was reportedly Steinhauser that mortally wounded Kennedy’s Bristol fighter. Later eye witness accounts from the other pilots of the 62nd squadron would report seeing Kennedy’s plane in flames and both Kennedy and Goddard jumping from the aircraft to their deaths. Three months later on June 26th, 1918 Lt Werner Steinhauser would crash to his death during combat.

This incredible set includes the following:

• Original 1916 dated, DS Kennedy named maternity style hidden button tunic made by Henry Poole & Company the famous tailors still in existence on Saville Row in London. The tunic is for the rank of captain and in very good condition with only minor war and a few nips.
• Original WWI British leather Sam Browne belt and cross strap with integral whistle pocket complete with Metropolitan Pattern whistle.
• Original British WWI Jodhpurs with sueded reinforced inner knee patches offered in excellent condition.
• Original British WWI tall brown leather boots complete with storage trees by Maxwell of Dover Street, London.
• Wonderful bound packet of research that includes copies of photos of DS Kennedy, action reports, research and more. Wonderful research has already been completed for your easy access to one of Britain’s finest Great War fighter pilots.

Certainly the finest most well research RFC uniform grouping we have ever offered.

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