Original British WWI P-1907 Enfield Bayonet by Wilkinson with No. I Mk. II Australian Mangrovite Scabbard - Dated 1918, 25 & 42

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The British "Pattern of 1907" Bayonet was developed for the No.1 MkIII Enfield rifle, often called the SHT.LE, SMLE, S.M.L.E., "Smelly" etc. The P-1907 replaced the earlier P-1903 bayonet, which was a double edged bayonet based on the P-1888 bayonet of the Lee-Metford rifle. The P-1903 had been developed for the "Long" Magazine Lee-Enfield, which was 49.6 inches in overall length. With the introduction of the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield in 1904, the 12 inch bayonet was no longer considered long enough for the 44.6 inch SMLE, so the 17 inch bladed 1907 was developed.

In its original form, the P-1907 had a hooked guard (quillon), which was then removed from the pattern in early WWI due to the questionable use and increased production time. Unlike the 1903, the 1907 had a single edged blade that was less wide, but made of thicker stock.

This is a standard British WWI P-1907 bayonet, which is marked very faintly WILKINSON on the ricasso, together with the correct King's Crown G.R. (very faint) over 1907, together with all the usual acceptance marks and proofs. The bayonet does have a visible WWI 1918 date. This bayonet probably was issued during WWI to British forces.

There is also a later 25 date, so it may have been re-arsenaled at that point after use. There are lots of proof markings in addition to these stampings. For more information please see Watts & White THE BAYONET BOOK, Page 393, Item 819.

The bayonet comes in a WWII Australian Number 1 Type II brown leather scabbard, manufactured in 1944 and in excellent condition. The scabbard locket and chape retain most of their original phosphate finish. The leather body of the scabbard is stamped MANGROVITE ‘42 and a faint (Arrow B) over W, locket stamped OA. Sydney-area tannery, Mangrovite Belting Pty. Ltd. was in operation from 1913 until the 1990s.

Overall condition is very good, though both the bayonet and scabbard do show wear from decades of service. The finish is mostly worn on the bayonet, and the leather on the scabbard is a bit rough.

A very nice British P-1907 bayonet with scabbard, ready to display or fit to your WWI SMLE rifle!

Blade Length: 17"
Blade Style: Single Edge with Fuller
Overall length: 21 3/4"
Crossguard: 2 1/2”
Scabbard Length: 17 1/2"

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