Original British WWI Officer's Safety Razor Shaving Set in Leather Carrier by Autostrop

Item Description

Original Item: One Set Only. This is rather smart. A quality leather pouch imprinted OFFICER'S KIT containing:- a Safety Razor in pieces, stem and rather complicated head together with a blade dispenser with maker's name etc., and a small 16 page "Instruction Manual". All parts were made by:

The Autostrop Safety Razor Company Limited
197-207 City Road, LONDON 

These were marketed under the Trade Name of VALET, and the company had Offices in New York, Toronto and Paris. This particular razor is the MODEL 'B' ADJUSTABLE, and has a lever to adjust the distance between the blade and the guard, allowing varying beard lengths. It also has a unique roller design for honing the blade, the "Auto Strop" feature. The leather case is marked on both sides of the main flap:

Safety Razor

The Autostrop Safety Razor Company Ltd was started by HENRY JACQUES GAISMAN in London in 1905, and in 1907 he sued the Gillette Razor Company for Patent infringement on his safety razor design. Due to this, Gillette immediately MERGED with Autostrop, giving Henry Gaisman a seat of Gillette's Board. The result was that the Autostrop Safety Razor Company Closed its doors permanently after just 2 years in 1907.

The pouch looks to match the Sam Browne leather belt set, a smart marketing move as it very possibly became a "must have" for emerging pre WW1 Officer class.

Complete and ready to display in your WW1 Collection.

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