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Original British WWI Officer's Leather High Boots with Half Boot Trees, Boot Pulls, and Spurs - Dated 1915

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Original Items. One Set Only. From an old Manor House Sale in England, this wonderful and complete set are directly out of the attic, where they were stored having been put away after World War One and forgotten. All we did was give them a nice dusting.

This is a fine pair of high quality Knee Boots in Brown Leather, which have leather thong laces to be tightened to the front and on the top outside of each leg. Even putting on this type of boods was an undertaking, as indicated by the pull loops on either side. The included wood-handled boot pullers would be used to slowly inch the boots over the feet, after which the laces would be tightened.

These come complete with their original wooden Boot Half trees, which only support from the ankle down. These helped to maintain the shape of the boots, which could shrink, and have been in them for possibly 100 years. As with most WWI Officer's uniform material, boots of this type were bespoke, and they still have the original hand-written maker information on the inside of each boot on the front:

9 1/2 D   b

Also included and installed are the Officer's spurs with leather front marked and dated NT 1915, with  small steel rowels and securing leather straps.

In just lovely condition clearly looked after for many years and show only moderate use. Still supple and very romantic from storage in the attic and ready to display. Ideal to complete any WW1 Officer's Uniform Set.

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