Original British WWI Named Trench Art Engraved on Captured German 77mm Artillery Shell Dated 1917

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. Trench Art was created by many Western Front soldiers on both sides to while away the endless time between actions. Mostly these are generic reminders the troops of happier and quieter times. This example however is quite different. The main shell case is engraved with an Urn and decorative flowers, but also the Soldier's name and rank with his Regiment and all the Battles/actions he had been involved in during the war.

His name was CPL. S. WOOD of THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY and he partook in the Battle for MARNE in 1914, the Battle of the SOMME in 1916 and was in YPRES in 1917. It is most likely this last location where this German Shell was picked up, and decorated.

The German 77mm Shell Casing stands 9" tall and is 3 1/2" across the base and is Dated JUNI 1917, the German word for "June.". It also bears the AWDr marking of Artillerie Werkstatt Dresden in Germany, a major manufacturer of WWI munitions for the German Empire.

A really nice item that Corporal S.Wood took home once the war ended.

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