Original British WWI Lewis Gun Gas Cylinder Cleaning Rod with Mop

Item Description

Original Item: The British Lewis Gun was issued with three items specifically for cleaning the gas cylinder: Rod, cleaning, cylinder; Brush, wire, rod,cleaning,cylinder; Mop, rod, cleaning, cylinder. (See William M. Easterly, The Belgian Rattlesnake, 1998, pages 439, 441.) These are listed as components of the "Chest, Vickers or Lewis .303-inch Gun, Mk. II." Although listed in the book, none of the parts is illustrated.

These items are so RARE that it is very difficult to find out any information about them without considerable detective work. A separate rod was used for cleaning the bore. The gas cylinder rod, the bore cleaning rod, and the wire brush are each provided with a storage position in the Chest. The rod is made of hardwood in two pieces that screw together with brass ferrules. Another brass ferrule at the end of the rod is threaded for the wire brush and the mop. The mop is for oiling the cylinder and is included with purchase.

IMA has obtained a small quantity of these Lewis accessories and is offering them in two configurations: the two piece hardwood rod alone, and the rod along with an original mop.

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