Original British WWI Hotchkiss .303 Machine Gun Ammunition Box and Belt for Mark V Tank

Item Description

Original Item: Thought you'd heard it all, seen it all at IMA hadn't you? We had. We had no idea such a specialized item existed. The Mark V tanks went into action in 1918 and were manned in action by both British and American crews. It was armed with either two six-pounder cannon and four Mk I Hotchkiss machine guns or just six Mk I Hotchkiss machine guns and no cannon. The Mk I Hotchkiss guns sold by IMA as parts sets are the tank version of the gun and some of them retain the bronze tank mounting trunnions and removable shoulder stocks.

Our offering consists of a steel belt box with one jointed Hotchkiss feed strip/belt with long tab. The normal feed device for Hotchkiss guns is a flat feed strip of 24 to 30 or so rounds, but where space is at a premium, the strips are jointed every three or so rounds so the strip can fold. Our strips consist of sixteen three-round segments and one four-round segment with a long lead tab. Each segment is stamped "HOTCHKISS". The belts are in heavy grease. The boxes have heavy leather fittings in excellent condition. Each box holds six folding belts. In the tank, the boxes were stored flat in a stack behind the driver.

The rarity of this product needs no elaboration. We have very few of them, and, since we have sold a good number of the Hotchkiss Mk Is over the years, these will probably not last long.

Exterior Dimensions:

Length: 17 inches

Width: 8 1/4 inches

Height: 3 1/4 inches

NOTE: Dummy Rounds for illustrative purposes only and are not included.


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