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Original British WWI Gurkha Kukri Bhojpure with Scabbard - Dated 1915 has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

Original British WWI Gurkha Kukri Bhojpure with Scabbard - Dated 1915

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Original Item: This kukri was issued in WWI to Gurkha Regiments in the British Army. The blade is marked on the left side near the handle with a 1915 date and British Broad Arrow proof mark. This traditional Bhojpure Kukri is approximately 17" long overall, with a blade 13" long,  2 1/2" at the widest point, and about 1/4" thick. The blade is in excellent condition, with a nice polish, and just a small nick towards the tip of the blade. There is also a small bit of corrosion on the blade.  The handle is solid, with no cracks and just some wear on the lower edge.

Each kukri was hand made- the steel was smelted, forged, shaped and hammered in Nepal by individual Kamis. This particular one saw service with the Gurkha regiments, and was accepted during the WWI period. It comes with original scabbard, which is in great shape except for the missing metal tip guard. Generally they are cracked along the length of the blade but this one is still intact with no splits in the leather.

Also included one of the two items usually included in the standard issue scabbard: the Chakmak. This is an unsharpened small steel blade used to hone and deburr the edge of the kukri after use. It was not intended as a full sharpening tool. There also would usually be a small knife called a Karda in the second pouch on the scabbard, but this kukri is unfortunately missing that item.

Overall this is a great condition kukri, and a perfect item for any Great War Collector!

The legendary Gurkhas are best known for their history of bravery and strength in the British Army's Brigade of Gurkhas and the Indian Army's Gorkha regiments. British officials designated the fierce Gurkhas as a "Martial Race". "Martial Race" was a designation created by officials of British India to describe "races" (peoples) that were thought to be naturally warlike and aggressive in battle, and to possess qualities of courage, loyalty, self sufficiency, physical strength, resilience, orderliness, the ability to work hard for long periods of time, fighting tenacity and military strategy.

The British recruited heavily from these Martial Races for service in the colonial army. Each Bhojpure has a large forward curved Leaf blade made for aggressive war. As spears and the Kora sword were being replaced by firearms, the was the weapon of choice for Gurkha hand to hand combat. In the skilled hands for the Gurkha, it was frightening. 

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