Original British WWI Field Issue Lead Top Trench Club

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. With the adoption of Trench Warfare in 1914, the stalemate became intolerable, so the practice of "Trench Raids" was introduced. Taking place at night, these involved a raiding party crossing NO-MANS-LAND and entering into the enemy's trench system to take a few prisoners for interrogation. Clearly these were covert operations and the use of firearms was impossible, so the Army reverted to almost Medieval tactics of using clubs and edged weapons. At first they used spades and bayonets but then more effective weapons were distributed just as we offer here.

The Trench War went on, for the British, for four long years so most of these hand to hand weapons saw much action. This example has a 16 inch wood shaft with a lead sleeve nailed to the business end. The lead sleeve is circled with two rows of 6 iron studs, which would shatter a soldier's skull with ease. Clearly constructed in field workshops, these proved highly effective.

Apart from the historical connection ideal for home defense or to keep the kids in order. Ready to display

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