Original British WWI 1914 Mons Star Medal Named to Sepoy Soldier in the Famous “Camel Corps”

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Original Items: One of a Kind. This is not a particularly uncommon medal, however in this case the recipient is. The 1914 Star, colloquially known as the Mons Star, is a British World War I campaign medal for service in France or Belgium between 5 August and 22 November 1914. The 1914 Star was authorized under Special Army Order no. 350 in November 1917 and by an Admiralty Fleet Order in 1918, for award to officers and men of the British and Indian Expeditionary Forces who served in France or Belgium between 5 August and midnight of 22–23 November 1914. The former date is the day after Britain's declaration of war against the Central Powers, and the closing date marks the end of the First Battle of Ypres.

Altogether 378,000 1914 Stars were awarded, however since it was awarded years later, many recipients were now in different units.

This is a very nice 1914 MONS STAR medal with ribbon, named on the rear to:-

No 481

The recipient was a British Colonial Sepoy Soldier, who apparently fought in WWI on the Western Front at the very beginning. They then were later transferred, and served in the famous IMPERIAL CAMEL CORPS BRIGADE during WWI. The ICCB was a camel-mounted infantry brigade that the British Empire raised in December 1916 during the First World War for service in the Middle East. 

From a small beginning the unit eventually grew to a brigade of four battalions, one battalion each from Great Britain and New Zealand and two battalions from Australia. Support troops included a mountain artillery battery, a machine gun squadron, Royal Engineers, a field ambulance, and an administrative train.

The ICC became part of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) and fought in several battles and engagements, in the Senussi Campaign, the Sinai and Palestine Campaign, and in the Arab Revolt. The brigade suffered 246 men killed. The ICC was disbanded in May 1919 after the end of the war.

Only  4,150 men and 4,800 camels served in the Corps, so any material from them is quite rare. In very nice condition and ready to Display!


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