Original British Victorian Webley-Pryce Nickel-Plated Relic Revolver Recovered from a Zulu Kraal

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Original item: One of a Kind. The final item received from the South African family collection is this original British Officer's .455 caliber Webley Pryse Revolver, recovered from a Zulu 'Kraal', an Afrikaans and Dutch word for the small settlements/villages they lived in. The revolver was originally retailed by J. RIGBY & Co, who had locations in DUBLIN & LONDON, as a BRITISH ARMY & NAVY REVOLVER (PRYSE'S PATENT), as marked on the top of the revolver. This was the typical private purchase revolver sold in the mid 1870s.

Unfortunately this once fine revolver apparently fell into ZULU hands after some British Defeat and has suffered as a result. Firstly, the first inch or so of the barrel has been sawed off, without installing the front sight. Secondly the trigger guard has been broken away, as has the tip of the hammer spur. The right hand side opening lever is now absent and the checkered wood grip has been badly broken and doesn't appear now to fit perhaps because the lower trigger guard mount has been bent in some way. Just to complete the devastation the trigger has been hit hard and been distorted, maybe when the trigger guard was lost AND one of the trigger return springs seams to be faulty so the revolver does not cycle properly.

A BASKET CASE but still retaining its nickel finish with nice manufacturer's markings, including serial number 2623 under the barrel. It also has further PRYSE PATENT markings and an 1872 date on the frame. Certainly could be restored but also could be displayed as is.

It haunts IMA Owner Christian Cranmer to think this may have come from Great Britain's great land battle disaster from the field of ISANDLWANA, where on January 22nd 1879 where Britain lost half of General CHELMSFORD'S 24th Regiment of foot (JUST MAYBE ???).

In relic condition with loads of history and stories to tell. Ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1875
Caliber:  .455 Webley / .476 Enfield
Ammunition Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Overall Length: 10 inches
Barrel Length: 4 1/8 inches

Action: External Hammer Double/Single Action
Feed System: 6 Shot Revolver

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