Original British Victorian Sword Bayonet for Jacob Double Barrel Cavalry Carbine c.1854/60

Item Description

Original Item: Only one Available. This is a fascinating Sword bayonet, made for the Jacob Double Barrel Cavalry Carbine. This somewhat outlandish rifle/carbine was designed by the larger-than-life British General John Jacob of the Indian Army. He had intended it to be a highly accurate and useful weapon, however it unfortunately fell short of expectations. It was first introduced in 1854 intended for South Africa. 

However, supplies were requested by the Malabar Police near Madras India during the same year. In South Africa these were issued to the 12th Lancers who were subsequently posted to Madras. The East India Company then contracted with Swinburn & Sons to supply the SCINDE IRREGULAR HORSE with their own Contract of the John Jacob design Double Barrel Carbines.

Originally designed to mount a Sword Bayonet with a double muzzle ring the bayonets quickly became obsolete, being so awkward to use. The were two models of the Sword bayonet, with half basket guard and with full basket guard. The weapon became far more effective when just used as a Short Sword.

The bayonet we offer is an original half basket guard version with hard leather grip. Either version is exceptionally rare and almost impossible to find. In very good
used condition, complete with a small proof on the blade, and ready to display.

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