Original British Victorian Royal Navy Copper Powder Carrier with Cover - V.R. Marked

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This impressive piece stands 18 1/2" tall and just over 6" wide and is circular in cross section. It is basically a substantial sheet copper tube with a matching cover.  Copper was a far better choice than iron or steel, as it was easily worked, and much less likely to make sparks. The inside is tin plated, to help stop corrosion from the powder inside. The carrier has a built in carry handle on its vertical length and another across it cap.

Items such as these were used to carry Gun Powder, probably in small bags, each containing the same measure/load so the Gunner could insert just the right and desired charge for whatever the target required. Both top cover and the bottom end of this carrier each bear a ROYAL CROWN (Queen's) over V.R. for VICTORIA REGINA.

Very decorative and one would assume highly effective in keeping one's Powder dry and safe in times of Naval Battle. Ready to display.

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