Original British Victorian Era Sealed Pattern Cavalry Patrol Jacket with Original Label and Seal

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is incredible. In the British military system once a "Pattern" of any clothing had be adopted a "Sealed Pattern" was made. This was the very example all contractors had to emulate in construction of official uniforms. Any deviations meant the garment was subject to rejection and kept the standards high.

Theoretically only one sealed pattern of each model was kept "on hand". In truth, a few sealed patterns were made of each model so contractors could possess an example to copy. Each of these Patterns were officially labeled and sealed.

Here is a "sealed pattern" Victorian Patrol Jacket. The Patrol Jacket was an every day work tunic used by the military, in this case a cavalryman. It is black wool with heavy mohair trimming referred to as "French braid" around the pockets and hems. It has no buttons and closes at the front with internal hooks.

The label, a form of printed cloth is understandably worn being about 130 years old and one can still make out SPARES AND CLOTHING DIVISION. The rear of the label shows dates, in this case just two entries, when the garment was released to a manufacturer. The faint dates appear to be in the 1889. The garment is fully lined in black and the lining of the sleeves is what appears to be mattress ticking.

The garment shows age including a hole, resembling a bullet hole, in the upper right arm.

An extremely rare item of Victorian uniform piece still bearing it's RED WAX SEAL attached to the original cloth sealing label. AMAZING!

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