Original British Victorian Era Officer's Zulu War Swagger Stick Riding Crop - c.1879

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. We've never seen one of these before. This is a British Officer's Swagger stick Riding Crop, clearly locally made to order in Zululand for a serving British Officer. The shape is designed to simulate the Zulu War Club common called a Knobkierie, and it also has ornate wire wrappings.

The stick measures 26" in total length, plus the leather "crop" to bottom, and has much decoration, which is beautifully executed. It is bound in Silver and Brass wire around the ball head and in three separate areas along the haft, as a high ranking Zulu warrior would carry.  The War was short lived almost only one year (1879) in length but is one of the most memorable campaigns of the Victorian era. 

We all remember the Movie "ZULU" and nobody disputes the incredible bravery of the Zulu warriors who with spears, clubs and shields faced off to the British Martini Henry Rifles.

Most unusual Zulu War item and ready to display.

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