Original British Victorian Era Officer Spiked Pith Helmet - Queen Own Royal West Kent Regiment - Circa 1882

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This presents beautifully, an original canvas covered cork warm climate issue Pith helmet complete with original rarely worn leather sweat band to the interior.

Features a high quality officer's helmet plate of the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment showing the Victorian crown to top.

The Royal West Kent Regiment was raised in 1881 with the Childers Reforms and combined the 50th Regiment of Foot as its 1st Battalion and the 97th Regiment of Foot as it's 2nd Battalion. The regiment adopted the prancing horse of Kent as the official insignia. This example is the very first version with the horse facing to the right; soon after it was changed to face left and as it has remained until this day.

In 1882 the regiment was shipped to Egypt to partake in the "Egyptian Intervention" and fought at the Battle of KASSASSIN on September 10th and also at the Battle of TEL EL-KABIR on September 13th, 1882 which routed the rebel forces of Colonel Ahmad Arabi.

In 1885 the regiment was shipped to the Sudan too late to save General Gordon at Khartoum who was killed on January 26th, but did defeat the Mahdi's Dervish forces at the Battle of GINNIS on December 30th, 1885. This battle happened to be the very last Battle in which British infantry wore red tunics.

A very interesting Officer's tropical issue Pith helmet complete with helmet plate. Regretfully no chinstrap is currently present.

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