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Original British Victorian Era Muzzle Loading 7lb Bronze and Iron Rifled Cannon

Item Description

Original Item: This is one of the cannons IMA recovered from Nepal in 2003. Strictly speaking, this is a 7lb Rifled Muzzle Loading Mountain Gun, which dates from the 1860/70s. The front of the barrel is comprised of rifled iron while the rear sleeve, including the trunnions, is bronze. The bronze sleeve is very well marked with a large crown over V.R. Cipher, a Broad Arrow atop the numeral 74. Across the rear appears "CXCVIII" (198) which we understand to be an inventory number. There is a massive foresight on the Muzzle that is quite rare in it self as these sights we generally removed for storage or many simply snapped off in transit. The barrel rifling is a heavy three groove intended for use with a Model 1863 7lb Armstrong studded projectile, one is included with this purchase and more are available separately from IMA (Code BN2007). There is no denying that this cannon really looks the business!

The cannon, as described, comes with the appropriate iron carriage on wooden spoke steel tire wheels complete with brass data plate that reads:

7 Pr. R.M.L. GUN.

200 lbs Reg No.


Wt CARRIge. 206. lbs

WHEELS. 144 lbs

TOTAL. 350 lbs

The gun elevating mechanism is absent from the carriage so currently the barrel is supported by wood. The wooden wheels are 12 spoke and have newly manufactured brass plated steel hubs as the original hubs, which were solid brass, got striped off in Nepal for the scrap value (Ffrtunately the tube was too heavy to steal!). At the present time, the wheel "Locking Pegs" (they stop the wheels falling off the axle) are also absent as are the two "Cap Locks" that lock the trunnions to the carriage. So, do not attempt any field maneuvers without securing the barrel, however, this piece is certainly suitable for display and rolling into position. As stated, this cannon and carriage were included with our Nepalese Armory purchase in 2003 and is offered un-cleaned and un-restored, other than a bit of polishing to expose the markings and the use of the added white chalk to highlight the markings for photography purposes. This is a compact 7lb Mountain Cannon that would certainly be at home in almost any living room:

Approximate Measurements while mounted on Carriage:

Length- 68"

Barrel length- 40"

Width- 32"

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