Original British Victorian DAY'S PATENT Walking Stick Percussion Gun - Circa 1850

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. This is most a unusual item, but perhaps a real life saver in Victorian London. This walking stuck gun was made in London by Gun Maker J.P. HUBBARD, who worked from 26 NEWGATE STREET, LONDON in the early Victorian era. The firing system is known as a "DAY'S PATENT" ignition, system patented in 1823 by JOHN DAY. This information is all found on the brass data tag on the side of the gun by the grip. Additionally there are the remnants of the "DAY'S PATENT" mark on the top of the breech, opposite the cap lock nipple. Intended for self defense from the roving bands of thugs, this weapon disguised as a walking stick was certainly a surprise for any assailant.

The gun fires a lead ball of approximately 1/2" across, like a .50 caliber, loaded from the rear with a twist off barrel, which is unfortunately frozen. This exposes a "cup" fixture for the ball, over a reservoir for the gun powder that was ignited by a fold out percussion hammer and hidden trigger, which became exposed once the hammer was cocked.

All steel construction with a wood grip/handle that would fool most people at first sight. In nice collectible condition and ready to display.

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