Original British Victorian Cavalry Lance marked to the 17th Regiment of Lancers

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Probably the most famous of all the British Lancer Regiments, the 17th Lancers had a motto of "DEATH OR GLORY", incorporating a Skull and Crossbones in the Regimental coat of arms. This regiment notably took part in THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE, part of the Battle of Balaclava in October 1854, a disastrous charge in which the Regiment suffered heavy losses, with SEVEN Officers and 67 Lancers killed. They also were heavily involved in the ZULU WARS of July 1879 in the BATTLE OF ULUNDI under the Command Lt. Colonel. SIR DRURY CURZON DRURY-LOWE.

This original lance head is mounted on a wood shaft which has, for transportation purposes, been cut in two with a leather cover over the join. It is marked C 49 XVII on one of the long langets, for the 17th Regiment of Lancers. The langet on the other side of the spear has three small loops, for the mounting of a lance pennant. The spearhead itself measures 11 inches, while the two portions are 49 inches and 42 inches long. Together they would measure about 90 inches long, though it is somewhat difficult to get the two parts to assemble, as the leather is somewhat shrunken.

Perfect for any Victorian display!

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