Original British Trafalgar Centenary Memorial Plaque made using Copper from HMS Victory

Item Description

Original Items. Only One available. I.M.A. has purchased a small Collection of significant British Naval Historical Objects salvaged from ships from ADMIRAL HORATIO NELSON'S Naval Career. The greatest sea battle of the last 1000 years must be the Battle of TRAFALGAR fought between Admiral Horatio Lord NELSON aboard H.M.S. VICTORY and the British Fleet and the combined fleets of both France and Spain during the Napoleonic Wars in 1805. The victory saved England from a French Invasion and ultimately caused the destruction of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE at the Battle of WATERLOO in 1815.

One hundred years later in 1905 the British Government, represented by King Edward VII, the Lords of the Admiralty, and the British and Foreign Sailors Society issued elaborate COPPER PLAQUES exquisitely embossed using ACTUAL COPPER removed from H.M.S. VICTORY's hull during repairs. H.M.S. VICTORY is still rated as a Serving Warship of the British Navy and is therefore still periodically being restored.

These plaques mounted on a wood shield depict H.M.S. VICTORY AT SEA with embossed ribbons engraved:- COPPER FROM NELSON'S VICTORY and dated OCTOBER 1905 The top bears the complete Royal Coat of Arms of King EDWARD VII and the remainder fully embossed with floral and Naval decorations. There are also two shields bearing information regarding the involved organizations.

Shield measuring 11" wide x 15" tall, the Copper Plaque 6 1/2" x 9 1/2". Most impressive.

An Official tribute to Admiral Lord Nelson's legendary victory upon the centenary of his fatal battle.

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