Original British Tower Marked P-1809 Third Model Brown Bess Musket with Banister Rail Stock

Item Description

Original Item: One only. Nearly always overlooked and mistaken for the P-1796 Third Model Brown Bess musket, the P-1809 is nearly identical but for the reinforced flintlock hammer. This was known as a ring neck hammer or cock, and distributes the load on the hammer much more effectively, making cracks from normal use extremely rare. The lock bears the CROWN over G.R royal cypher, as well as TOWER across the tail. The squared-tang barrel bears British Proof Markings and is overall 39" in length, standard for a 3rd model. The walnut stock bears Inspection marks stamped into the wood and comes with all brass mounts, which are still intact. The stock is of the banister rail type, which was officially discontinued in 1807, making this a very early example of an 1809 pattern, possibly made using a previously made stock. Overall length of the musket is 54 inches.

The P-1809 Brown Bess quickly became the standard Musket of the Line for the War of 1812, and of course saw tremendous use at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, which resulted in the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Our example here is in truly excellent condition and has been carefully cleaned and put into prime display condition. True P-1809 Brown Bess Muskets in this shape are very hard to find today.

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