Original British Snider Sporting Short Rifle by Manton with Saber Bayonet

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. We first thought this was a British officer's custom constructed short Snider boar hunting rifle complete with a pattern 1856 Saber bayonet needed as last ditch defense against a mortally wounded wild boar.

The barrel bears multiple English proof marks and is nicely marked:



The case hardened lock bears no markings other than a stylized "crown", while both receiver ring and breechblock have British proof marks.

The walnut stock manufactured as a half-stock with brass butt plate and trigger guard, the one barrel band in steel. The barrel has a saber bayonet stand to the right side to mount the saber bayonet complete with steel mounted leather scabbard.

So that was that, but then we discovered that the barrel is SMOOTH BORE! If the gun had been made to shoot partridges then why a saber bayonet? After the Indian Mutiny (Sepoy Rebellion) of 1857-59 the British refused to issue rifled weapons to native troops, a ruling enforced almost up to WWI.

Surely this weapon, made in the late 1860s, would not have come under that regulation, as this was an officer's private purchase firearm. Maybe after use with Wild Boar the officer had it converted (perhaps by "T.Turner") to use for wild fowl instead? Does anyone an alternative suggestion?

Nevertheless, it is still a fine MANTON made officer's private purchase Snider sporting Rifle/Shotgun still complete with its P-1856 Saber bayonet with scabbard.

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