Original British Second Pattern P-1848 Brunswick Rifle Bayonet By Enfield dated 1849 with CSA Marking

Item Description

Original item: Only One Available. This is a very nice example of a second pattern British made P-1848 Brunswick bayonet, with the classic ribbed brass handle and straight cross guard. It has an impressive 22 inch long double edged blade, which swells slightly towards the end, and has a small fuller on each side. Overall length is about 27 inches on this very nice example. Many of these bayonets were imported to the United States during the civil war, along with obsolete Brunswick rifles.

The only real difference from the First pattern bayonet is the attachment system. The first pattern utilized a leaf spring on the side of the ribbed handle, which had the latch attached to it. It was actuated by a "button on a post" on the opposite side of the handle, which when in the scabbard faced towards the rear. This extended button was unfortunately very prone to catching on things, and sometimes breaking off. Indeed most seen on the market are missing this button.

This example is the second pattern, introduced in 1848 and manufactured for a period until the Brunswick percussion rifles were phased out. It has the coil spring actuated second pattern catch, which has the button on the same side as the catch. It does not have a "button on a post" shape, so it would not easily catch on things.

The bayonet is marked with H / 44 on the pommel, most likely for being issued to "H" company of a regiment, weapon number 44. There is also a a CROWN / E / 6 proof mark on the blade ricasso, as well as CROWN / 17 on the grip near the crossguard. The reverse ricasso of the blade is marked ENFIELD 1849, for manufacture at Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield.

There is also a C S A marking stamped into one side of the cross guard, which is a possible Confederate marking, however there are no other markings to verify this. There are unfortunately many examples that have these markings added later to add a bit of "excitement".

Condition of this bayonet is very nice, with a lovely patina on the hilt. The blade does have some staining and light rust peppering, which we have left intact to preserve the history.

A very nice early British bayonet, ready to display!!

Blade length: 22”
Blade Style: Double Edge "Gladius"
Overall length: 26 3/4”
Crossguard: 4”

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