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Original British Royal Navy MK 2 Flying Helmet with Visor, Headset, Mic, and Oxygen Mask

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Royal Air Force Mk2A flying helmet took the place of the flying helmet G Type and the protective helmet Mk 1A and provides the same facilities as these separate in a single headpiece. In addition it has a retractable anti-glare visor and blast screen which shuts automatically in the event of an ejection. The Mk.2 and Mk.2A helmets are basically the same; the Mk.2A, however incorporates some minor modifications.

The Mk.2 and Mk.2A that where used in the Royal Navy had a cross of adhesive reflective tape across the top of the shell for improved recognition purposes.  The helmet shell is made of a glass fiber resinate with locally formed lobes to accommodate the earphone receivers and microphone connector plug respectively.

The Mk.2 and Mk.2A helmets were originally provided with a light plastic shroud which protected the visor when in the raised position but this was removed due to head space limitations within cockpits. Unique to the Mk.2 & 2A flying helmets was the visor operating mechanism. The visor screen is connected to pivoting arms on each side of the helmets and is raised and lowered by use of a handle bar. The handle bar is spring loaded so when it is used to lower or raise the visor it never comes within the view of the user.

This example is offered in very good to excellent condition and dates from the early 1970s.

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