Original British Royal Navy Diptych Sundial & Compass named to Edmond Corlayn, R.N. - Circa 1795

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Measuring just 3" X 2" X 1/2" thick, this is a hinged wooden instrument known as a DIPTYCH, derived from the ancient Greek for "Hinge," referring to two surfaces interconnecting to create a purpose. In short, this is a rather simple and primitive Compass come Sun Dial made famous by the German Maker DAVID BERINGER who worked from 1777 until 1821.

It is constructed of two wood sections hinged together, each covered in printed paper showing degrees of Latitude and a Sun Dial clock face which are used at right angles with the use of a Gnomen string, which threads through the appropriate Latitude hole in the lid between 40 degrees and 54 degrees, depending of the latitude location the observer is at at the time. A cheap and easy way to provide location information in the time of Sail of the late 18th Century.

Our example is in fine shape with both internal papers in near original condition. The expected external paper listing 48 cities against their latitude locations is now
very faded and hard to read, but we know from research that the list included cities such as: London, Dublin, Prague, Paris , Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York. The under side of the external cover is named in script:- Edmond Corlayn, R.N., a known midshipman of the era.

In amazingly good condition, a fine memento of sea faring in 1790's. Ready to Display or even use.

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