Original British Royal Marines Uniform Set with Sun Helmet

Item Description

Original Item: Even in Great Britain, where spending cuts have cut into all walks of life "Tradition" is not quite extinct. Here we offer Victorian style uniform sets of this most famous Royal Regiment that regrettably are only now used by the Royal Marine drummers and bandsman. The extensive overseas history of the regiment dictated, that for parade use, the Helmet to be worn was the late Victorian white sun helmets displaying the large gold colored regimental helmet plate. The plate design is comprised of the Royal crown over the globe surrounded by "Per Mare Per Terram" (By Sea By Land) the Regimental Motto. A gold ball crest tops the helmet and it is completed with a gold colored interwoven ring chin scale with leather lining.

The Tunic is navy blue, red collar with yellow trimmings again showing the Regimental emblems on the collar with full Regimental buttons. The trousers are also Navy blue with wide red stripe down the outside seams. To complete the outfit, a white nylon belt is included with correct Regimental belt buckle. Today's drummers are dressed almost exactly as they were in the time of Queen Victoria, and is possibly one of the few ever dwindling Military traditions Britain still maintains. Virtually unissued these sets may still have the original Marine's name inside and are ready to display.

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