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Original British Royal Horse Artillery Trooper Uniform Set

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Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. The Royal Horse Artillery still exist today. In the 16th and 17th centuries they were the fastest moving mobile artillery of the British Army. They wore spectacular uniforms which even today attract the undivided attention of the fairer sex. Of course one needs the body to go with it which only confirms the old question of "Why is youth wasted on the young"?

This uniform set consists of a short jacket in dark navy blue completely covered in yellow piping and a mass of ball buttons down the front. The yellow piping continues to the rear of the jacket. Matching blue yellow double stripe high-waisted coveralls and best of all, the regimental Busby Helmet constructed from sheared bear skin. The Helmet's top and bag on the right side are bright red to match the tunic's collar. The helmet also sports a double tiered white horsehair plume to the front and the helmet still has its long yellow "cap cords" attached to its rear which double as shoulder cords that if whilst riding the Helmet is dislodged it dangles until the trooper can recover it.

This is the dress uniform, used today in the Royal Tournaments and Royal reviews, of one of England’s most famous regiments. A wonderful display.

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