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Original British Royal Air Force 22C Flying Helmet with Mk VIII Goggles and Oxygen Mask

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Only One Set Available: This is an excellent condition complete fighter pilot set from  just after World War Two which consists of the following items:

- Original British RAF Royal Air Force Type 22C Flying Helmet. Excellent condition blue cotton Type 22C lightweight internally wired flying helmet. The helmet has large internal leather cups protecting the radio receivers. At the rear of the helmet are two snap fastening tabs to secure the flying goggle straps. The loom wires emerge from the rear of the helmet and combine to form a 1.8mm insulated cable which ends in a large black bakelite plug. Internally, the helmet has a data tag which reads:

Size 3
[Broad Arrow]

- Original British WWII RAF Mk VIII Goggles - Beautiful set of WW2 issue Mark VIII (MK8) flying goggles type 22C/930.The MkVIII goggles were the final and most successful of the RAF issue flying goggles during the Second World War. Introduced officially in October 1943, they were not supplied to aircrew until the earlier stocks were exhausted. The MkVIII's continued in RAF service until made obsolete by the introduction of fibreglass helmets fitted with drop-down visors. They are authentic British WW2 fighter pilot goggles as used by Spitfire and Hurricane pilots. Suede lined with elastic cotton adjustable strap. Complete with an original RAF dark blue paint finish to steel parts, these are rare WW2 RAF fighter pilot goggles. Offered in excellent condition.

- British RAF Rubber oxygen mask with securing straps and microphone.

Entire set is offered in very good condition. RAF flight helmets sets from directly after World War Two are far harder to come by than WW2 issued gear as so little of it was manufactured in the 1950s.
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