Original British Pre-WWII 1930 Dated Vickers Machine Gun Water Can by Pratt - Petrol 2 Gallons

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Originally these WW2 cans were manufactured to contain Petrol (gasoline) and are embossed on the top:



In short order, however, these were adopted by the Machine Gun Corp to be used as water condensing can with the water-cooled Vickers Machine Guns. The rapid Machine gun fire led to overheated barrels that were then liable to distortion so each gun was fitted with a water jacket as a cooling system.

The water reservoirs were connected by rubber hoses to these condenser cans so that stream would flow out of the jacket and into a partially filled water can condensing and could then to be poured back into the water reservoir and recycled.

At the start of WW1 Vickers MGs were equipped with canvas water buckets but these were soon found to be unsuitable and these cans soon adopted in their place. Pre-WW2 DATED examples are very rare, mostly post WW1 cans are encountered and many of these saw service in WW2.

This can in fine condition for being 85 years old is stamped 4,30 for April 1930 on the bottom along with VALOR which we assume is the manufacturer for PRATTS.

Even comes complete with the original brass cap also marked PRATTS!

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