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Original British P-37 Bayonet Web Frog

Item Description

Original Item: Just released from Government Stores these are original British P-37 Webbing Bayonet frogs for use with the SMLE Enfield Bayonet series of 1907, 1942, 1943 &1944 blade bayonets for the SMLE No.1 Rifle, the No.5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet with the bowie Blade, and the No. 7 and No.9 Bayonets for the No.4 Rifle. In a pale olive drab color indicating later WW2 issue, possibly EVEN for use in the Japanese War, these are Original and basically totally un-issued having just come from long term military storage.

No visible markings, as by that stage of WW2 makers marking and dates were not a high priority. In Excellent original un-issued condition, a British Bayonet Frog that is hard just hard to find these days!

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