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Original British P-1907 S.M.L.E, P-1942/43 Bayonet Grip Set (with Bolts and Nuts)

Item Description

Original Item: One pair of wood grip plates for the Enfield 1907 17" bladed bayonets of WWII issue. These also fit he India pattern 1907/42, the 1943 Jungle Fighting Bayonet of WW2 and the DP63 (M-2A) 7.62mm Ishapore Police issue Enfield Rifle bayonet.

Buy a complete set of our Original un-issued pair of wood grip panels, (new old stock), together with a set of two new made each screws sets (bolts and circular nuts) for these WW1 and WW2 British Bayonets to restore your collection today.

NOTE: Grip Scales are new old stock, and may require fitting to the bolts due to shrinkage. Some bayonet makers used smaller diameter bolts, so additional fitting may be required.

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