Original British P-1869 Snider-Enfield MkIII Rifle by Enfield dated 1871 with Engraved Barrel - Documented USGI Afghanistan Bring Back

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Original item: Only one Available. This rifle is 100% all British manufacture late production Three-Band Snider-Enfield rifle, with a fantastic look! This example was purchased directly from a Veteran of the War in Afghanistan, who brought this back in 2016, and comes with a copy of the original bring back documentation. These old rifles had remained there since the colonial wars of the Victorian era, and in many cases were still well cared for. In some cases they were actually still in use! Many similar old British guns were send back home during the 2000s by both service members as well as civilians involved in the conflict.

This particular example is still in great shape, and has had the barrel completely covered in engraved floral designs, which what look to be hounds interspersed throughout. This must have taken a very large amount of time to execute, and shows a high level of skill. We assume that this was offered up for sale at one of the many local store in Afghanistan before being purchased and brought up.

The lock on this very nice example is marked 1871 / ENFIELD, indicating manufacture at the Royal Small Arms factory at Enfield Lock. a storied production facility that produced and developed many British small arms during the 19th and 10th centuries. Above this is the correct "Lock Viewer's" CROWN / ARROW marking, and it also carries the stamping of the CROWN / V.R. across its tail. The V.R. proof indicates this rifle was made for the British Military, and was not an export rifle intended to be used by local forces.

In fine service used shape, it is fitted with a Mark III action, as marked on the chamber. It is also marked with a WD War Department proof and other markings, probably indicating production at Enfield. The breech block is the final locking version, and still locks very well, with no damage to the mechanism, which has the correct BROAD ARROW on the bottom. The bottom of the block itself is marked with serial 3499 and a proof mark. The barrel still has the original proof marks on the left side under the sight, including STEEL, CROWN / VR / IP, and various Enfield and war department proofs. The right side of the barrel under the rear sight is marked with 2321. There are additional proofs on the action, and on many of the other components as well.

The metalwork overall has a lovely polished patina, showing some past oxidation in areas. The top of the barrel and even the receiver tang and side have been covered with the previously mentioned engraving, which has the recessed areas antiqued to give it a better look. The lock still functions, however it does not seem to have a half cock position anymore. The breech unlocks correctly, with an intact firing pin, and can be pulled back to eject spent cartridge casings. The barrel shows three groove rifling, and is in very good condition, showing a mostly bright finish with clear land and grooves, with just a bit of fouling and oxidation in the grooves.

The stock is in lovely condition, and looks to have been reconditioned and varnished long ago. There are some pressure dents, scratches, and other signs of service, but it has a lovely color, and there is even still a partial round cartouche on the right side if the butt stock, which we unfortunately cannot decipher. Due to the refinishing, the middle barrel band is a bit loose. Both sling swivels are present, as well as an original cleaning rod. The rear sight is present and fully functional, still bearing western numerals.

An All British P-1869 Snider Rifle made at ENFIELD that saw service during the Anglo-Afghan wars, and then stayed behind to be found by a USGI during the 21st century. in splendid condition and ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: 1871
Caliber: .58 inches
Ammunition Type: .577 Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 36.5 inches
Overall Length: 54 inches
Action: Side Action Lock
Feed System: Side Hinge Rotating Breech block

History of the Snider rifle- Jacob Snider, an American from New York, developed this breech loading system for the P-1853 Enfield, the most prolific imported Percussion rifle in use by both the North and South during the U.S. Civil War. When the British Board of Ordnance appointed a Select Committee in 1864 the Snider system was swiftly adopted with the first breech loaders being issued in 1865 to British forces.

Improved in 1867 by the use of Colonel Boxer's center fire brass bodied cartridge, the rifle was used very effectively in the Abyssinian Campaign of 1868. The system utilized a hinged breech block with an internal firing pin assembly that permitted the use of a self contained cartridge of lead bullet in cardboard, and, after 1867, brass casing. This highly efficient conversion system prolonged the active life of the P-1853 rifles up until 1871 when the Martini System was adopted. Snider rifles saw continued use throughout the Empire but were officially obsoleted by the late 1880s.

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