Original British P-1856 Yataghan Sword Bayonet for Enfield Two Band Short Rifle

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice bayonet, intended for use with the P-1853 Enfield two band percussion short rifle. The length of this Pattern 1856 sword bayonet extended the reach over a traditional socket bayonet issued with the three band long Infantry rifle.

Almost certainly this example is an officer's private purchase bayonet as it is marker marked but not officially stamped as taken into British military service. Typically officer's preferred a shorter rifle and the yataghan sword bayonet could well be used as a short sword for close combat.

This grip is checkered hard leather and all mounts are steel. The steel mounted black leather scabbard retains all stitching but has a dent on the rear edge of the top mount, easily correctable.

The yataghan blade is in lovely bright shiny condition showing only storage marks and slight 170 year old imperfections to the steel, blade measures almost 23 inches, the bayonet measured 28.5 inches in overall length making this a fine example worthy of any collection.

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