Original British P-1847 Enfield Manufactured 2nd Side Action Pattern Brunswick Rifle- Dated 1848

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Found in the Nepalese Cache purchase this is an Enfield made and British proofed 2nd Model Brunswick Percussion Rifle for belted ball first introduced in 1843 (See "Small Arms of the East India Company 1600-1856" by David Harding, Volume 2 pages 182/183) by the East India Company. In 1847 the British Government adopted the same pattern. Once again private enterprise led the way for government modernization.

This is a very rare and desirable rifle, made at ENFIELD in north London dated 1848 with it's side action lock bearing Queen Victoria's cypher of "Crown over V.R.".

Rifle measures 47.5" overall with a 30" rifled barrel bearing British proof markings. Features include a substantial two leaf back sight, all brass mounts, including large patch box and correct ramrod still in place. Interestingly there are no visible Nepalese markings anywhere on the gun.

2nd Pattern side action lock Brunswick rifles (1847) are much rarer than the back action 1st Pattern of 1837. Hastily discontinued after the introduction of the

.577 caliber rifle musket in 1853.

This is the only truly English made 2nd Pattern P-1847 Side Action Lock Brunswick rifle we found in the entire Nepalese cache!

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