Original British P-1842 Socket Bayonet for use with Lovell Catch

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a hard to find bayonet typically because people do not know what to look for. It was introduced in 1842 because complaints were made that the standard Hanovarian catch bayonet was shaking lose under fire, the vibration resulting in the bayonet's rear rim jumping out from the "S" shaped spring catch. Even the Duke of Wellington got involved and suggested the addition of a socket ring, not previously adopted by Britain.

The compromise was the P-1842 bayonet known as the Lovell bayonet that required a different catch mechanism on the weapon. This "Lovell's" pattern was then taken into service with pattern 1842 Musket and again with the Pattern 1851 Minie rifle.

Finally in 1853 the British adopted the new pattern 1853 rifled musket (P-1853) that was rifled and built in the smaller .577 caliber. This weapon, massively imported for the American Civil War, took a similar socket bayonet but this time with a locking ring just as originally suggested by the old Duke. However the Duke of Wellington had already died on 14th September, 1852.

A very well marked bayonet with both maker's name and British acceptance marks but nevertheless a British bayonet largely forgotten by history.

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