Original British Officer Flintlock Fusil by Adams

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Original Item: Only One Available. Officer’s fusils were always private purchase as officers, at that time were expected to provide their own weapons. The popularity clearly being spurred on by the fusil used the same sized ammunition as an officer's dragoon pistol making it easier for the soldier as he need only carry one size of ammunition.

This particular Officer's Fusil is made by the Birmingham, England Gun Maker JOSEPH ADAMS who worked from 1767 until 1813 so it is quite conceivable that it saw use in the later Revolutionary War of 1812 and almost certainly in the Napoleonic Wars which lasted until 1815.

Cal. 65 Fine officer’s fusil with 40? round barrel. Barrel is marked with two British proofs. Top tang is flat with tapered edges and a square tail. Lockplate is marked in front of hammer I. ADAMS and TOWER and is 6? long, slightly curved with a pointed tail and a bridled frizzen. Mounted in a 1-pc walnut stock with brass furniture, three pipes and a button head ramrod. Sideplate is oval serpentine brass with a brass trigger guard and butt plate. Trigger guard has a simple, undecorated pineapple shaped finial. Across the lower tang of the brass butt plate is the numeral 50 for the 50th Regiment of Foot.

The 50th Regiment of Foot was raised in 1755 and saw service in the Seven Years War, often referred to as the French and Indian War. In 1782 it was renamed as the 50th Royal West Kent Regiment of Foot and it saw extensive service in the French Revolutionary War, in Egypt 1793-1802 at the Battle of Alexandria and the Siege of Cairo in 1801. It took part in Battle of Copenhagen in 1807 and in the Peninsula War serving at the battles of Vimero, Corunna, Almaraz, Vitoria, Pyrenees, Nive, Orthes and Toulouse in 1814. It was then posted to Ireland and missed the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Condition: Very good. Barrel does not appear to be a reconversion but original as manufactured. Stock is sound with with a fine hand worn patina. Mechanics are fully functional.

A very hard to find Officer's Fusil; a Musket of Pistol bore bearing a Regimental association with a great Battle history.

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