Original British Naval Flintlock Swivel Gun Circa 1770-1800 by Barnett

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Original Item: Only One Available. A fine example from the turn of the 18th century made and marked on the lock plate BARNETT.

Thomas Barnett started work in London in 1750 until 1800 when the firm became Barnett & Son. In 1835 the firm was named "John Barnett & Sons" and from 1875 until 1900 "Edward Barnett & Sons" An English gun making dynasty that enjoyed many government contracts as well as from the East India Company and the Hudson's Bay Company.

This is example of a British Naval Swivel gun complete with the ship's rail spike mount that was sometimes transferred to a long boat. It is essentially an oversized musket or a miniature cannon.

The Massive bore measures over an inch in diameter and takes a one-inch ball wrapped in leather propelled by a substantial charge of black powder. The intent was to be able to blow the bottom out of any small craft that perhaps was threatening a British man of war.

It features a 24 inch long extremely thick walled barrel bearing British proof marks, the very substantial wood stock is walnut and all the furniture is brass. This example is a total sleeper with light surface pitting having sat for maybe 200 years in storage and not on display. This is a classic huge British Navy 1" Swivel Flintlock Gun with the original rail mount almost 42 inches in overall length. You need both hands for this one!


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