Original British Naval Flintlock Brass Barrel Blunderbuss Marked H.M.S. Royal George - circa 1756

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. One of Britain's most famous Men-o-War, H.M.S. ROYAL GEORGE was launched on February 18th 1756 at Woolwich Dockyard, London. At that time she was the largest War Ship in the World, weighing 2,047 tons and carrying 100 Guns. She measured 178 feet in length at the gun deck and became the FLAGSHIP of the famous ADMIRAL SIR EDWARD HAWKE. On November 20th 1759, she was leading the British Fleet at the BATTLE OF QUIBERON BAY when she sank the French battle ship "SUPERBE". She later took part in the BATTLE OF ST. VINCENT on January 16th. 1780.

She the returned to Portsmouth England for routine maintenance, and on August 29th of 1782 the ship was fully loaded with over 1200 crew and, maintenance workers and family members as she prepared to pull into the dock. They were in the process of having had her cannons moved to ease re-coppering the keel when the ship completely capsized, taking between 800 and 900 lives. This was the greatest Naval loss of life in British waters at that time. There was a public outcry and a Fund set up at LLOYD'S COFFEE HOUSE in London for the families of the drowned. This Fund developed into the LLOYD'S PATRIOTIC FUND in later years that presented Swords and Vases to many heroic British Sailors for their exploits.

Our Brass barrel Blunderbuss is just perfect, measuring 34" overall with an 18" Brass Cannon style barrel opening to a 1 3/4" mouth. The mounts are all British Naval regulation with "ball" fronted trigger guard, nailed on brass butt plate and flat extended scroll side plate. The Side Plate is engraved H.M.S. ROYAL GEORGE, which shows some wear. The stock is of walnut and the plain wood ramrod is no doubt a replacement although of some age.

A Classic Naval Flintlock Blunderbuss marked with Crown over G. R. with TOWER across the tail of the lock plate. There are inspection marks on the lock plate, proof marks on the rear of the brass barrel together with Maker's mark of initials I.R. for JOHN RICHARDS of LONDON, who worked from 1745 until 1810 who later made weapons for the British Tax authority, the Inland Revenue. The lock is of early Flintlock production in that it has NO Frizzen support arm on the outside corner of the powder pan.



Year of Manufacture: circa 1756
Caliber:  Blunderbuss
Ammunition Type: Lead Shot & Powder
Barrel Length: 19 inches
Overall Length: 34 inches
Action: Flintlock Side Action
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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