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Original British Naval Cannon Flintlock Ignition System circa 1790

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a truly wonderful naval artifact! This is a Flintlock firing mechanism in a brass body fully marked with a large CROWN over G.R. , an Anchor stamp, Broad Arrow and Inspector's marks.

The Ring Neck Flintlock lock hammer in enclosed in the brass casing and is discharged by use of a cord to the rear connected internally to the lock sear. This particular model discharges to the side against a brass plate bearing a downward aperture to the touchhole that is vertically mounted on the rear on the Cannon.

This is a most unusual and massively rare, especially in this sort of superior collector's condition. We’ve only ever had this one and don’t expect to ever see another again.

Note: To any seriously interested parties.

This, as it turns out, unique Cannon Lock was purchased by IMA in England in 2012 as part of a British Naval Collection the 18th century and Napoleonic Wars. This Cannon Lock DID NOT originate as part of Nepalese "Old Palace" purchase of 2003.

Since offering this Cannon Lock there has been some Internet speculation and concern expressed over the markings of Crown over G.R. and the Anchor stamp. On this matter we can confirm that this item came from an English Collection in 2012 and is in the same condition in which we received it. It may well be that these markings are unusual or may even have not been recorded before on such a lock but that doesn't mean they are not genuine.

We all know fakes exist in this and any other collector's business but just because something shows up which is unexpected doesn't make it not original. IMA stands behind all the items we sell. If an item is NEW MADE it's the first thing we state in the description. Of course, we do have a return policy but there are limitations, so we urge you to satisfy yourself that you are doing the right thing because with all the good will in the world there are always people out there who want to rain on your parade often just because "they" have never seen anything like it before. Again, we believe this is, along with many notable experts, totally genuine, but ultimately it is for you to decide. For your comparison, we found a reproduction cannon lock and photographed it next to our original. The reproduction is smaller, of cruder construction, and clearly quite different from our original. This should put an end to the speculation of whether or not this cannon lock is original or not.

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