Original British Napoleonic P-1796 Light Dragoon Saber Marked to the 14th Light Dragoons

Item Description

Original Item. Only One Available. This is an untouched gem, straight out of an old English Collection! This is a standard Napoleonic era iron mounted Pattern 1796 Light Dragoon Saber in iron scabbard. The leather covering to the grip partly missing however the Chappe (rain-guard) of the hilt is clearly marked with the Regimental details: 14 L.D. / D / 16 , which indicates it's use in the 14th Light Dragoons, D Company and 16th Trooper. The blade itself is marked on the spine with maker WOOLLEY, a known maker in Birmingham, England.

Interestingly the Saber is in far better condition than the scabbard. We surmise that the saber was most likely on display in English Gentleman's great hall and the scabbard, unwanted for the display, was left in one of the barns. It is fortunate that they were reunited after what would appear to be many years.

The P-1796 Light Cavalry saber uses a widening blade toward the tip called a HATCHET POINT which apparently greatly aids to the force of the blow delivered. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE himself complained that this was against the "Spirit of War". Of course the Germans also adopted it and there it is referred to as the "BLEUCHERSABEL".

The 14th Light Dragoons were raised in 1715 as James Dormer's Regiment of Dragoons, being renamed the 14th Regiment of Dragoons in 1751. The regiment served all over the Colonies, though not in the American War of Independence of 1776-1783. In 1798 They were renamed as the 14th (The Duchess of York's Own) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons, and saw much action in General Wellington's "PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN" of 1808 until 1814. They DID take part in the Battle of NEW ORLEANS on January 8th 1815.

A rare partial sleeper, this nice but uncleaned P-1796 Light Cavalry Saber complete with its rusted Barn-stored iron scabbard.

A very nice Saber, regimentally marked on the cross guard. Ready to display.

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